Vault Storage : Climate Controlled & Secure

Storage companies specializing in storing household goods use a unique storage system called vaulted storage (also known as vaulting, professional storage, vaulted warehousing, or van line storage). This article will explain what vaulted storage is, a comparison to other types of storage, approximate costs, where to find vaulted storage, who uses vaulted storage, and when not to use vaulted storage. Finally, you will find answers to some common questions about vaulted storage.

A vault is a wooden storage container that can be moved around with a forklift. A standard size is 5-feet wide x 6-feet long x 7-feet tall. It holds about a room’s worth of furniture (such as a living room or bedroom). A storage company specializing in household goods stacks the vaults two or three high inside a secure, concrete warehouse.

You only pay for the space you use. You don’t pay for a certain sized storage unit or building. You just pay for how many vaults you need. An average apartment needs 2 to 4 vaults. An average home needs 4 to 8 vaults.

  • Triple protection: Each furniture item is wrapped in a storage quilt, then put inside the vault, and then the vault is kept inside a warehouse.
  • You don’t have food, chemicals, gas, or garbage near your vault.
  • Because it is inside a tightly controlled warehouse, you don’t have to worry about other tenants.
  • You can have your items shipped to anywhere in the country or world from the warehouse, even if you are not physically present.


The vaulted warehouse has a special storage area or racks available for long, big, or very heavy items. The warehouse stores sofas, motorcycles, Carpets, kayaks, pianos, etc..on racks so that they are not touching anything and nothing is touching them.

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